Lombard Lodge No. 1098 A.F. & A.M.  

 Chartered in 1923, We are a young, racially and ethnically diverse Masonic Lodge and we welcome regular Masonic visitors and men interested in learning more about the Fraternity. If you would like more information on becoming a Freemason, please visit our FAQ page or click on any of the links throughout the site. 


Stated Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.
We meet at the Valley of Chicago - Scottish Rite Cathedral, 383 East Lake St, Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108. Business attire is suggested


"I violate no secret when I say that one of the greatest values in Masonry is that it affords an opportunity for men of all walks of life to meet on a common ground where all men are equal and have one common interest".


- Brother Theodore Roosevelt

Lombard Lodge No. 1098 A.F. & A.M. is a constituent Lodge of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Illinois, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons. The opinions expressed on this web site represent those of the individual authors and, unless clearly labeled as such, do not represent the opinions or policies of any Masonic lodge, Grand Lodge or recognized masonic body.

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 Lombard Lodge No. 1098 AF&AM


29th of June A:.D:. 2013 A:.L:. 6013

Congratulations to the newly Elected and Installed

Officers of Lombard Lodge No. 1098 AF&AM

Worshipful Master:

Thomas W. Trenkler







The Trowel

...is an instrument made use of by operative masons to spread the cement which unites the building into one common mass: but we, as Free and Accepted Masons, are taught to make use of it for the more and noble and glorius purpose of spreading the cement of Brotherly love and affection - that cement which unites us into one sacred band, or society of friends and Brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble contention, or rather emulation, of who best can work and best agree.



About Lombard Lodge

A brief history of our beloved Lodge can be found HERE.



Lombard Lodge has their Stated Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month  

Gavel at 7:30PM Sharp!

~Dinner prior to each Stated Meeting at Scottish Rite Cathedral at 6:00PM - $15/pp~



What Is A Mason?

A Freemason is a man who, in searching for life's ineffable questions, finds his way into the company of fellow seekers. Comprised of men from every nation, races, social and economic level, all hold similar ideals and beliefs. The uniting idea is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in an afterlife. This "belief" is grounded by certain landmark tenants and virtues which ultimately lead in exploration of those invisible questions, leading ultimately to the betterment of all mankind.  

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  • One of the world's oldest secular fraternal societies
  • A society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values
  • Membership is open to men of any race or religion

A Freemason is encouraged to do his duty first to God; and then, without detriment to his familiy and those dependent on him, to his neighbour through charity and service


Freemasonry in Illinois has a long-standing tradition of serving our communities with various acts of beneficence. Masons throughout the state continue this tradition through a network of charitable programs, with a primary focus advancing the welfare of others, particularly children and senior citizens. In continuing this tradition, we, as Freemasons, not only serve our communities by setting a good example as citizens, but also improve the lives of future generations and care for the elderly.


From the Worshipful Master

Moore, Oklahoma

May 25th, 2013


On Friday, May 24th, Worshipful Master Brad Gerace, Junior Warden Robert Meyer, Senior Steward Joe Malatia and Chaplain, WBro. Dave Jones packed up a truck and hitched up a trailer with hundereds of pounds of donated water, non-perishable food, baby wipes, formula and diapers, pet crates, stuffed animals and clothing. All these goods were driven down to Moore, Oklahoma and dropped off with the good Brethren of Myrtle Lodge No. 145 on Saturday morning. The items will be shared with the Brethren and their families of Moore Lodge No. 539. Below are a few pictures from their morning. More to come.



April 11th, 2013


On Wednesday, April 10th, Lombard Lodge received MWGM Terry L. Seward for an official visit at our Stated Meeting. For this special occasion, the Lodge was well attended and Officers had prepared extensively. Supper before our meeting was excellent and everyone was happy! Two (2) new candidates were balloted on and five (5) petitions for Degrees and one (1) petition for affiliation were read and investigating committees appointed. MWGM Seward addressed the Lodge, and he also spent a good amount of time meeting and talking to small groups of Brothers and individual Brothers before and after the meeting. A sitting M.W. Grand Master hadn’t visited Lombard Lodge since 1936! Special music was provided by the Medinah Highlanders during opening and closing.

WM Brad Gerace, MWGM Terry Seward, WPM Paul Gerace, Jr 

We had another special guest on April 10th: Bro. Eugene Gross, age 19, a Fellocraft from Waukegan Lodge # 78. Eugene is serving as State Master Councilor of the Order of DeMolay this year. Bro. Eugene addressed Lombard Lodge and thanked the Lodge for its positive commitment to youth, as evidenced by our annual Masonic Youth Bowling Event, held January 26th, which this year hosted Ninety-Three (93) excited young people! We had a birthday cake for Bro. Gross and we sang “Happy Birthday” to him after our meeting!

2012/2013 Lombard Lodge Officers with MWGM Terry Seward (rear center)


Group photos of the lodge members and our lodge officers were taken to mark this special occasion. Thanks very much, MWGM Terry, for visiting Lombard Lodge!



Bradley P. Gerace

Worshipful Master  


 Brethren, your Articles are welcome here every month: 

Please submit your articles via email at lincoln.capital@att.net Remember the period in the email address: It's "LINCOLN-DOT-CAPITAL…" All submissions to Temple Topics are welcome. Articles submitted by U.S. Mail can be sent to my home address: 1200 St. James Place, Apt. # 1-B, Glen Ellyn, IL. 60137. Please remember the deadline (10th of each month) and allow ample time for us to work with your material. You may call me as follows:

Office: 630-953-1230. CELL: 630-254-6377; and FAX: 630-953-1238. 

Brothers, it’s a pleasure to attend Lombard Lodge and build brotherhood with you all.


Fraternally, WBro. Bill McCarthy

Lombard Lodge Temple Topics Editor

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The new Lombard Lodge Fellowship Cards are now available to all Master Masons in good standing.

To order, please call Walter Smith at 630.408.7967. The cost is $25 for 250 cards.

Walter's company is Nine2Seven and specializes in graphic design, business essentials, marketing materials as well as indoor/outdoor signage. When ordering your Fellowship cards simply give Walter your name, number and email and you're ready to go!. These cards are like a traditional business card but act so much differently. Beautifully decorated with Lombard Lodge's new seal and web address you're sure to grab someones attention; whether it be an existing Brother or a gentleman who is interested in petitioning. These new Fellowship cards are a real class act.

Mr. Walter Smith is also a local Lombardian and big supporter of our community.






Masonic Assistance Program

 Brethren – For your information,

   The Masonic Assistance Program was developed by the Masonic Relations Committee of the Masonic Family Health Foundation.  It functions with the support and participation of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Administration and Medical Staff. The Master Mason applying for assistance must be a member in good standing of a Masonic Lodge in the State of Illinois and a resident of Illinois

   The primary mission of the Masonic Assistance Program (MAP) is to help Illinois Master Masons and their families (spouse or dependents) in need of medical assistance at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (AIMMC) to explore available medical and health resources and support functions, and to provide needed health-care services. 

   A secondary mission of MAP is to provide financial assistance to Master Masons and their families who are financially indigent or medically indigent in order to obtain physician and/or outpatient services at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.  Inpatient hospital services may be provided by AIMMC in cases where the Master Mason qualifies under a Free-Care Program at AIMMC or one of the medical assistance programs of the State of Illinois.

   It is important to note that health-care services will only be offered at AIMMC’s facilities and by physicians on the medical staff of AIMMC.

   If you have further questions, please contact our own WBro. Thomas Kleiner, Vice-Chairman of the Masonic Relations Committee at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, at tdkleiner@aol.com or by phone at 773-841-6056. You can also visit their website at www.masonicassistanceprogram.org .

An Appeal to Brothers for a Final Resting Place 

Cemetery Plots Available - Lombard Lodge No. 1098 has 12 cemetery lots available for members. We have gotten a couple of inquires about the lots and decided at the annual meeting that the new Worshipful Master will have this on his agenda. We need to determine how we will distribute these lots to those that wish to acquire them. They are located at three cemeteries: Cedar Park in Chicago, Chapel Hill Gardens-West in Elmhurst, and Mount Emblem in Elmhurst. Contact the Secretary or Worshipful Master if you are interested. These lots may also be available for sale.  They are all located beautiful locations and worth up to $1,500 plus.  Email the Secretary


Final Resting Services

The Masonic Society 


A significant group of passionate Masons have come together to create what aims to be nothing less than the premier North American research society in Freemasonry.

Called simply The Masonic Society, they are gathering together Brothers who have a deep and abiding desire to seek knowledge, explore history, discover symbolism, debate philosophies, and in short, who will be at the forefront of charting a path for the future of Freemasonry.

As a student of Freemasonry, you are invited to join with us in the formation of this new and exciting organization.

To find out more click on the image to the left.

ABC - Secrets of the Freemasons

 "The Freemasons say they are simply a fraternity that aims to make good men better and to support each other... however, groups such as the Freemasons can stir all kinds of theories."

Masonic Assistance Program


Helping Illinois Master Masons and their families (spouse or dependents) in need of medical assistance at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

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 The Illinois Masonic Foundation Student Assistance Program model is a school-based early intervention approach for schools to help students who are having difficulty being successful in school.

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Masonic Outreach Services

Established to address the unique needs of our aging members, wives and widows


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The Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA) was formed in 1919 to provide services to its member Grand Lodges that they would find difficult to provide for themselves. Thus the national voice that the MSA has is dedicated to Service to the Masonic community.

The primary functions and activities of the MSANA are:

  • Disaster Relief - since 1923 the MSA has collected and forwarded funds for disasters around the world.

  • Masonic Information Center - to provide information on Freemasonry to Masons and non-Masons alike and to respond to critics of Freemasonry.

  • Service - The Masonic Service Association of North America is a servant of Freemasonry. Formed of and supported by Grand Lodges, it is a voice that they can move to action, that the great heart of the Fraternity be made manifest and that the will of a united Craft may be done.



Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center physicians have a long tradition of advancements in virtually every area of medicine. Our doctors continue to pioneer new efforts in areas including cancer, cardiology, obstetrics and emergency services. These accomplishments are the result of listening to patients and responding with new ideas in care and treatment.

Our medical staff consists of more than 1,000 physicians in a wide array of specialties. In a typical year, our physicians and highly skilled nursing staff care for more than 20,000 inpatients, 149,000 outpatients and 35,000 emergency patients, and handle 142,000 patient visits to primary care and specialty centers.

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, Illinois Masonic Medical also is home to one of the Chicago area's leadingLevel 1 trauma centers.

To read more about Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, click here.

What Is A Mason?

Making Good Men Better


Learn the Secret Handshake

A Freemason is a man who, in searching for life's ineffable questions, finds his way into the company of fellow seekers. Comprised of men from every nation, races, social and economic level, all hold similar ideals and beliefs. The uniting idea is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in an afterlife. This "belief" is grounded by certain landmark tenants and virtues which ultimately lead in exploration of those invisible questions, leading ultimately to the betterment of all mankind.  


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What A Mason Is

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