Budget / Audit / Donations

To complete the annual audit of the Lodge, review the Officers’ salaries. To create and maintain an annual budget, review Annual expenses on a regular basis. To assess all charitable donations coming in to the Lodge as well as being distributed by the Lodge, always maintaining an accurate record in relation to the Lodge budget. Complete the annual report.

  • Chair – Kevin Acker, WPM


To maintain, assist the Worshipful Master in matters concerning the By-Laws, review and update (when required); present all changes to the Worshipful Master and the Lodge.

  • Chair – Kevin Acker, WPM
  • James Pankiewicz
  • Paul Gerace Jr, WPM

Unfinished Work / Intender Program

Use and support the Grand Lodge Intender Program with added focus on holding the top line petition signers to the mentoring commitments. Assist the Intender Committee by contacting members who still need to complete Degree work, answer candidates questions, refer candidate to Intender Committee regarding any mentor issues. Encourage the candidates to regain focus and complete their work. Complete the annual report.

  • Chair – Tim Cody, WPM
  • James Skallerup
  • Tony Drummond
  • Robert Dela Cruz
  • Joe Caniano

Entertainment / Activities

To create and organize extra-curricular activities for members and non-members (family, friends, etc.). Past events have included: Paintball, Curling, Theater, Hayrides, Wolves games, Smoker, Symphony.

  • Chair – Tony Drummond
  • Dave Jones, WPM – Curling
  • Brad Gerace, WPM – Sportsman Family BBQ
  • Brad Gerace, WPM – Wives and Dives
  • Robert Dela Cruz – Sports Events

Public Relations

To assist in the creation, organization and promotion of “open-to-public” events such as the Lilac Parade, ILCHIP, etc. Committee is also responsible for all public newspaper(s) additions, community magazine submissions, and trade magazine publications such as Temple Topics, and the like to continue our presence in the community.

  • Chair – Justin Sinkovich
  • Dimitri Kouvelis
  • Mike Henry, WPM

Website and Social Media

To continue and increase the online presence of Lombard Lodge through platforms such as a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Chair – Tony Drummond

Youth Programs / ILCHIP

Organization, development, promotion, and production of the following specific programs: Grand Lodge Masonic Academic Bowl, the Lombard Lodge Scholarship and the Annual Youth Group Bowling event. Organization of all IL Chip events and trainings, including staffing and promotion (of which the PR Committee will assist).

  • Chair – Dan Mulcahy
  • Robert Dela Cruz – Youth Bowling
  • Neal Hawkins
  • David Koeberl
  • Justin Sinkovich – Academic Bowl/Scholarship
  • RJ Budler – ATHS
  • Jason Glaeser
  • Dan Mulcahy – ILCHIP
  • Joe Malatia, WM – DeMolay Adviser

Retention / Prospective / Sickness and Distress

To connect with all inactive membership, review reasons for inactivity, assess and encourage the possibility of returning to active status. Connect with all members in arrears (non-payment of dues), assess members financial situation, explain NPD status and encourage paying dues to return to Good Standing. Complete the annual report on the committees’ findings. To review the “Invite to Petition” program and institute when appropriate. To visit, call and support all those members and families in need due to illness and/or otherwise.

  • Chair – Mark Russell
  • RJ Budler – Newsletter
  • Jason Glaeser
  • Michael Krueger
  • Joe Caniano
  • David Koeberl

Widow Communication

To communicate with our deceased brethren’s widows, checking on their well-being and extending invitations to lodge events.

  • Chair – Tim Cody, WPM
  • Mike Flock


To present educational materials, short talks, etc. to the Lodge membership, website, social media platforms, Temple Topics and the like.

  • Chair – RJ Budler


To assist the Worshipful Master in organizing and presenting the Masonic Funeral Rites, maintain funeral plots and to make recommendations to the Lodge regarding all plot disbursement.

  • Chair – Tim Cody, WPM


Charged to keep the Worshipful Master and the Lodge membership informed of all residency opportunities, to review all prospective meeting locations and to make suggestions to the Lodge regarding all building developments.

  • Chair – Brad Gerace, WPM